About Ilse Straw

I was born in Sasolburg, and today my husband and I, with our 3 children are farming just outside of Sasolburg in the Wolwehoek area. I remember as a young child, I was always drawing, painting and creating......

In 2000 I started my own kids clothing range, and taught myself to do portraits as a hobby. soon my love for painting became clear to me. I was chosen as one of the "New Signature" artist at Alice Art gallery in 2007. In 2008 I had the privilege to attend the America's Portrait Society's annual conference in Philidelphia USA.

Everyone around me became aware of my sense to create, and soon I was planning an outfit, setting a table or painting a gift for someone special.

I am blessed with this wonderful fulfilling talent to create and make someting beautiful.

"I see the world through my heart, and the world see my heart through art."